Why Join WIB?

Why Join Women in Business?

Women in Business is one of the most active student organizations recognized by the School of Management and the Student Association. We are a student organization focused on gender empowerment in the business field on campus.

Top Reasons for Joining Women in Business

1. Women in Business is extremely successful because of our devoted members and our social atmosphere. We are always willing to lend a helping hand and WIB members have built strong friendships. We are supportive and determined. We also provide a great network of future business leaders.

2. Women in Business is always looking to develop our members. On the personal development end, we host events such as stress management and workout activities. On the professional development end, we host events that focus on resumes, networking, and public speaking.

3. Our organizational structure is unique and unlike any other student organization on campus. Each WIB member will have an opportunity to gain teamwork and leadership experience with a specific position pertaining to the desired branch. Working in teams, our members produce and develop the events and new initiatives for our organization. Our members are able to see initiatives from beginning to end.

4. As a professional organization, Women in Business hosts company recruiting events for our members to learn from various professionals and explore different opportunities.

5. Philanthropy is a big part of our organization’s culture. It helps us blossom as individuals to serve the local community.

6. We have a close connection with the School of Management female faculty. The faculty and staff in the School of Management work closely with our organization to carefully expedite successful events.