Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in Women in Business!


Who can join Women in Business?
All male or female undergraduate and graduate majors at Binghamton University are welcome to join.
How can I join Women in Business?
Please see the application process page for more information on how you can join Women in Business.
How do I find out about upcoming events?
Join our listserv by emailing us at WinB@binghamtonsa.org and check out our Calendar of Events.
What is the time commitment to be an Associate in Women in Business? Director?
We want to have ample time to develop our members both personally and professionally, so although we do not require all members to attend all of the Women in Business events and community service event, it is highly suggested. All directors and associates must meet a 10 point requirement every semester. Failure to meet this point requirement will result in a compromised membership. Points are most easily earned by attending meetings. However, other opportunities to earn points will be discussed throughout the semester.

Women in Business usually holds general body meetings once a week. This spring semester, our events will be mostly held on Thursday at 6 p.m. One exception to this are professional events with recruiters or professionals. Professional events will mostly be held around career fair week at various times.

Directors will have a meeting with their respective VP once every two weeks and Associates will have a meeting with their respective Director whenever necessary.


What is a branch?
Women in Business has five branches: Finance, Marketing, Membership, Outreach, and Public Relations. The VPs lead the branches which consists of two to three committees each.

What is a committee?
Women in Business has 14 committees, ranging from Capital Management to Professional Development. Within each branch, the directors lead their specific committee. The Directors will lead their teams on unique projects and responsibilities to further the success of the organization and the committee.