Membership Expectations

Members of Women in Business are expected to adhere to the following guidelines:


Each member will be held accountable for attendance through a point system. For every meeting attended, one point will be awarded. There will be a 10 point requirement for every member per semester. Failure to meet this point requirement will result in a compromised membership. There will be other means to earn points as specified throughout the semester. Keep in mind that extra points earned will not be carried over to the next semester.

If a member is unable to attend the weekly meetings due to class or other reasonable conflicts, he or she must email winb@binghamtonsa.org for appropriate measures to be taken in order to resolve this issue.

If a member does not reach the appropriate amount of points near the end of the semester, the member will be required to make up those points if possible. If not, the member will be sent a warning email from the internal relations committee. The member will be required to meet with the Vice President of Membership. Each case will be considered separately and based on individual circumstances.


Events involving professional speakers or recruiters will require business casual attire and a professional attitude.


All members are expected to demonstrate commitment to the organization and their assigned role. Members should fully participate in events and dedicate time each week to fulfilling Women in Business responsibilities.