About Us



Formed in 2011, Women in Business strives for excellence through the organization’s four pillars, leadership, professional development, service, and friendship.  Women in Business (BWiB) is a female-oriented business organization at Binghamton University. Our mission is to instill confidence and drive in female students to pursue and overcome challenges and to enrich and diversify the workplace. Women in Business members are ambitious, smart, and capable young women and men pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree at Binghamton University.

The Four Pillars of Women in Business


Membership in Women in Business offers members over 30 leadership opportunities through our implementation of five committees under the Executive Board.  Our unique leadership structure allows members to gain real world leadership experience and development countless transferable skills.

Professional Development

Women in Business strives to develop its members professionally, personally, and academically through a number of initiatives. Each semester. BWiB hosts countless professional development workshops to improve members’ resume writing, interviewing, and networking skills. The organization strives to prove mentorship to its members through its annual mentorship program.


Women in Business is unique in that community service is an important part of the mission of our organization. Women in Business enables members to give back to the local community of Binghamton through several community service and philanthropy events throughout the year.


Women in Business strives to foster a very tight knit community in order to create a group of women and men who support one another in their professional and personal endeavors. The relationships created through Women in Business nearly always extend past graduation, giving rise to lasting friendships and professional opportunities through your expanded network.


Binghamton’s Women in Business (BWiB) was founded by an undergraduate student, Tiffany Choi along with the five other founding members, Victoria Eng, Meng Zhu, Cathleen Wang, Kaitlin Roffe, and Jessica Yee, on April 14, 2011. Having attended a women’s diversity event in her senior year of high school, Choi was encouraged to join a student organization at her university that insprires and strengthens women’s leadership. However, after arriving at Binghamton University, she found that there was a lack of such an organization, motivating Choi, along with her fellow founders, to create Women in Business.

overview(L-R) Meng M. Zhu, Tiffany Choi, Victoria Eng, Kaitlin Roffe, and Cathleen Wang at the 2011 Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk.